Janet Culp

What Clients Are Saying...

What Clients Are Saying…

“Janet is capable of connecting more deeply into the core of my being than any other acupuncturist I've been to over the past four decades. Her hands-on listening skills, combined with gentle, yet powerful, needling techniques border on the magical... truly transformational."   — S. Bruce

“"I've been treated by several talented acupuncturists in the Santa Cruz area, however, the Janet Culp experience far surpassed my expectations. She doesn't just poke you with needles and leave; she dedicates 100% of herself and her attention to your session, adjusting her techniques and therapy modalities as the session progresses, to gently guide your body back into balance. Quite honestly, I limped into my first session with Janet and floated out 90% pain free!"     — K. Durham

“For several months, I tried everything – chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, and rolfers, all top names in their fields - but was unable to walk even a short block without having to rest, and my pain just kept getting worse. I was terrified of having another back surgery as my doctors were recommending.

Then I began working with Janet. I knew I was in great hands before the the first week was over. By the second week, I was nearly pain- free, and in just three weeks I was walking four miles a day, five days a week. Janet truly did miracle work on me.

After more than two years, I am still pain-free. I continue to receive treatments from Janet on a somewhat regular basis, just for general maintenance of my overall health. I am deeply indebted to her caring hands and the strength of her commitment to get me out of pain. Thank you, always, for helping me when no one else could.”   — S. Wright