Janet Culp

Breath Sound Movement

The Universe is a Sea of Qi

The Body is an Ocean of Qi

The Universe is breathing itself into Manifestation, into human form through the cerebro-spinal fluid

surrounding the brain and spinal cord of the human central nervous system.

The CranioSacral rhythm radiates outward from the Central Nervous System

It is entrained with the waves of all the seas and oceans.

Channels streaming through oceans can be likened to channels in the Body.

All fluid systems, whether inside a cell, the body, or this Planet,

function as a resonant intelligent whole and can never be separated.


Acupuncture & Biodimensional CranioSacral Therapy can promote Self-Healing

The connective tissue matrix is a network of fascia connecting every soft tissue, bone, blood vessel, and organ through the pulsing of electromagnetic waves radiating outward from the Central Nervous System.

Imagine your brain and spinal cord floating inside a thick bowl of highly protective viscous fluid that undulates slowly and rhythmically in time with the waves of the ocean.

The resulting emanations of wave-motion can be accessed through light touch on soft tissues or various bony structures in the body.

Long-held restrictions in a contiguous connective tissue matrix can be unwound, effectively releasing congested energy. Released energy is made available for use at higher levels of function, balance, strength, flexibility and coordinated ease of movement.

Breath, Sound, MicroMovement

“The central teaching of Continuum is that ALL fluids of the body — whether circulating blood, the tides of cerebro-spinal fluid, the pumping of the lymph, the network of membranes throughout the body, or the swirl of viscera and brain — function as fundamentally ONE undulating stream of Intelligence.”

Breathing in Awareness

Breathing in and breathing out is the dance of Life. Fully breathing in and fully breathing out, with a controlled pause after each exhale is a fundamental, foundational requirement for optimal health. Turning your attention to your Breath is a life-enhancing practice that is a major part of every acupuncture and/or craniosacral session.